One year ago, we were 1 year old, 1 year with you, 1 year in your daily life, 1 year of mobility. It was a first year with a plenty of emotions. Our first steps, and also our first missteps, But the most important in this history teaser is your first smiles.

          First kilometers became quickly hundreds of thousands of kilometers. From the visited regions  to the most remote areas of Sénégal - Our tyres came over bitumen, pebbles, mud and clay. We were your accompanied you on your journeys through all Senegalese territory, for the most the adventurers of you we even go to neighboor land (Gambia, mauritania). Our vehicles have been sometimes on fairies, sometimes abandon somewhere in a car park, but no matter the scenario, it always was an happy ending.


          Your smiles have positively changed our lives, your smiles gave us the courage to workt late at night to improve your mobility, your smiles boosted our drivers to wake up any time in the the night so you can take your flight on time, your smiles made us...Period! We went through many challenges, we fit to your real needs by removing some of our services as the delivery to focus only on what we do best: your mobility.

          For us 99% of satisfied customers and 1% dissatisfaction is not a victory. For Sen'Drive Solutions dissapointing you is not an option, this year and all the others to come. Because for us only your smile matters! 


          In a few weeks we are going to blow with you our 2nd candle. Please tell us in comment all the improvements and / or new services that you would enjoy to have developped in 2019 by Sen'Drive Solutions.